Public: An Intercontinental Experience ★★★★★


210 Elizabeth Street

New York, NY 10012

      Sunday brunch is usually your time to stop being fat, but sometimes you just gotta indulge a bit more before you can truly stop being your fat self.  Atleast that’s how it is for me…. But anyway, my man friend and I decided to check out Public for Sunday brunch because I saw the word “foie gras” on the menu and almost fainted. So we decided to go.

      First of all, there is a “deal” for an entrée and cocktail, coffee or tea for $22. To be honest, it’s not really a deal unless you opt for the cocktail. I happened to get a cappuccino and entrée and it ended up being $18 instead if I were to go with the deal, so don’t be fooled!

      Anyway, we arrive at the restaurant and have to endure a very painful 45-minute wait where we played the game of LIFE on my phone to entertain ourselves. You’re not allowed to make reservations, so its pretty certain that you will have to endure some sort of wait. So bring entertainment!

     When we were seated, I noticed that the restaurant made me feel as if I was in the Meatpacking district. I felt as though I was in a chic warehouse/ Rag & Bone store. There was also trendy pop music playing, which gave off a hip vibe. Sorry if my picture doesn’t capture the atmosphere, I just felt like a huge creeper/loser taking photos of people eating brunch.


      When we sat down, I ordered a cappuccino. Then it took me about twenty minutes to actually decide between the Turkish Eggs and the Black Pudding Waffles (which I had came to the restaurant for). I always overthink my meals because I get way too excited and overwhelmed, but I ended up going with my first choice: the Black Pudding Waffles with red wine poached pears and whipped foie gras butter. Like I said, the word “foie gras” made me almost pee my pants, so I basically had to go with it.

      My waffles arrived in about 25 minutes, and they looked very unique. I couldn’t help but secretly taste the butter itself before I ferociously spread it all over the surface of the waffles. The foie gras butter was delicious and surprisingly, not too rich. It had the perfect mix of a buttery flavor and the subtle taste of foie gras and salt. The waffles were not traditional either; they were harder than usual waffles, but not in a bad way. They had a similar taste to that of a cake donut, but not as sugary. The red wine poached pears were extremely sweet and the sauce around the waffles seemed to be a cherry glaze type of sauce. I would recommend eating the waffle with the butter and either the pear or the sauce, both makes it very overwhelmingly sugary. Over all, I am so happy I chose the waffles and for anyone who wants to take the plunge and do something different with their brunch, go for it.


      My friend decided to get the Grilled Venison Burger on a miso bun with tomato chili jam and cassava chips. The burger itself was not as huge and intimidating as an American sized burger. It was round and petite, but very filling as well. The chili sauce was very zesty and added a Mediterranean flavor to the venison which was cooked medium rare. The bun was not too sweet, but kind of tasted like dense, high-end potato bread. Lastly, the cassava chips were basically upgraded, humungous french fries covered in a light, fried batter and sea salt. The meal came with three sauces for the cassava chips: a white horseradish based cream sauce, a sweet mustard with a bit of spicy twang and a sweet ketchup/tomato sauce.

      If I were not so full, I would have gone for the Hokey Pokey Ice Cream with passion fruit caramel sauce for dessert. I will just have to go back another time. Over all, Public had a great scene filled with young people. The food was very unique and diverse based off of traditional dishes from different countries. ie: Black Pudding is a British classic and Hokey Pokey ice cream is a popular dessert in New Zealand. They also have a selection of Spanish cheeses and grilled chorizos to bring out their inner Hispanic side. Basically, the entrées cover a large global scale from Turkey to the UK to New Zealand and a lot that lies in between. I certainly recommend going to Public for brunch. It really helps the college student’s self esteem in that they can eat really good, high-end food without spending over $20! 5/5 stars!