Aurora Soho: Basically Italian Brunch ★★ ★ ★

Aurora Soho

510 Broome St.

New York City 10013 

Warning: The menu is different on the site than it is at the restaurant. 

      While I was walking through Soho with my friend, I saw the word  $15 jump out at me on a chalkboard in front of a seemingly trendy restaurant. It had outdoor seating on a little balcony and a couple of stairs to the big glass doors of an entrance. We take a closer look at the menu and it says $15 BRUNCH for an entrée and a cocktail or orange juice. K. I’m Sold.

(sorry for the bad quality I was just too excited.)

       We walk in and there is a rustic, Italian brick-oven pizzeria vibe with brick walls, antique wooden tables, jars of oranges (like the Sploosh from Holes) on the shelves and old Native American looking corn hanging on the wall next to worn out copper pots and pans.


      The service was very friendly and there was no wait. Our brunch started with some complimentary bread that was not warm, but it was fine. It was served with olive oil that was mixed with black pepper and salt. It was a fine starter, but it was nothing special.

      For the cocktail, my friend and I ordered mimosas. They were very sweet and actually refreshing. Each mimosa was bright orange and tasted like carbonated orange juice. It was a great choice.

 (excuse the stains I’m a sloppy eater. k thanks.)


     As our appetizer we ordered the Prosciutto & Burrata (we’re indulgent). Unfortunately the menu on the site is not the same as the one we had for brunch, but basically just add prosciutto and bruschetta to the Burrata from the website’s menu, and that’s what we had. So our dish arrives and the burrata is fresh and creamy with a mix of a yogurt/cottage cheese feel in the middle with that fresh, light mozzarella taste. The prosciutto is salty and flimsy in a sense that it melts in your mouth when you start to chew it. They tasted great together. Also on the side of our dish, there were two pieces of bruschetta that had crispy crusts and soggy tops due to the thinly cut tomatoes that rest atop of the bread. The tomatoes and herbs gave the bruschetta a smoky flavor. I personally think the dish would be better without the bruschetta because it really does not add anything spectacular to the dish and since its there, you feel like you have to eat it.


      For my entrée, I ordered the Almond Brioche French Toast, which came with a strawberry sauce, strained yogurt and maple syrup. I have never had such fluffy French toast in my life. There was buttery whipped ricotta cream on top (I am not sure if it was a special day or if that is what they usually put on as the strained yogurt, they failed to specify), but it had a fruity, almost lemon-y taste to it. The strawberry sauce added a sweeter fruity flavor to compliment the ricotta cream, and the almonds and blueberries topped off the dish leaving a savory taste in my mouth.


      My friend ordered the Classic Eggs Benedict which came with a buttery hollandaise sauce, English muffin that had a slight burn on the bottom of it, thinly sliced ham, and poached eggs. The ingredients in the eggs benedict blended very well, but it would have been better if the English muffin was not burnt. He also ordered a side of the Applewood Bacon, which was served perfectly hot with a little bit of grease on the outside. The bacon was so crisp and smoky it was hard to stop eating it. 

      The meal was great overall and the service was wonderful. I would say the one problem with the restaurant was its lack of air conditioning and cell service. Otherwise 4/5 stars! And great deal!